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December 2nd and 3rd 2022

Held on December 2nd and 3rd 2022, the fourth annual conference convened by the Immigration Research Forum focused on the role of scientific and professional Romanian American diaspora as vested stakeholder in building social cohesion within our communities of practice. It featured the various efforts spearheaded by diaspora organizations to assist Ukrainian refugees through their ordeals.

The annual gathering highlights and honors Romanian Americans’ contribution to American society and features remarkable diaspora public figures from each field. By bringing together leaders of the scientific and professional diaspora with varied expertise, IRF intends to encourage the cross sharing of approaches, best practices and pertinent career development information. The goal of this professionals’ network is to leverage the scientific diaspora’s expertise in facilitating the successful integration, upward social mobility, and positive influence of Romanian Americans within our host society at large.

In 2022, the specter of continued political polarization and pandemic tailing economic woes seem to have spun a dangerous narrative of fracturing trust in institutions of social cohesion, of channeling insecurity into divisiveness and distrust of imagined “others.” It is precisely in such critical times, when anti-democratic revisionist actors demolish the basic tenets underpinning international stability, turning civilians into refugees and marshaling basic sustenance resources as bargaining chips, that we must stand firm and live up to the humanist values that allowed us to thrive. Academic and professional diasporas such as ours are vested in promoting cohesion and many amongst us have in these past months summoned the needed empathy to assist those displaced by war in Ukraine, assisting them either here in the US or in the safe-haven borderlands of Romania and Moldova. The convened conference highlighted the contributions of those committed to weaving back the social capital of trust both here and abroad, trust that allows newcomers to turn into productive members of host communities.

Welcoming remarks: Teodor Stan, President and Founder of Immigration Research Forum

Opening Plenary Session Speakers:

Humanities, Arts and Culture Panel Speakers:

Medicine and Public Health Panel Speakers:

Biomedical Sciences, STEM and IT Panel Speakers:

Community Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship Panel Speakers:

Closing remarks: Teodor Stan, President and Founder of Immigration Research Forum

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