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We believe that sharing your time, expertise and resources will ultimately give you the benefit of a healthier and happier life. We acknowledge how difficult it is to set aside time out of our busy lives to support a civic cause that we believe in but the benefits on us as individuals, families and communities can be enormous. Having a palpable impact in others’ lives can help us reduce stress, create new bonds of friendship and connect with people that may end up playing constructive roles in various aspects of our lives including our professional careers. Beyond extending financial support to a cause such as ours, volunteering one’s time and expertise also opens up the opportunity to learn new skills and perspectives that simply empower you as a better informed citizen. While we don’t promise evidence-based studies on how volunteering with us may help protect your mental and physical health in the long term, we certainly hope that our programs and efforts may become a source of joy and pride contributing to your wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

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