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Ambassador of Romania to the United States, H.E. Andrei Muraru’s Formal Opening Address



Plenary Session Honorary Guest Speaker, Dec. 2nd 2022

It is an established tradition that the formal opening remarks of our annual conference be given by the Ambassador of Romania to the United States of America. This year we were honored to have His Excellency Ambassador Andrei Muraru speak about the first year of his mandate and about the ambitious tour he initiated to connect and engage with Romanian American diaspora organizations within all 50 states. This year marks 25 years of the Strategic Partnership between the United States and Romania and the tour is an integral part of that effort to highlight the human capital underpinning the strong bilateral relations. Despite the momentous demanding transformations in diplomatic transatlantic ties Ambassador Muraru still found the time to travel to over 9 states reaching out to some of the most demographically important diaspora hubs. He is a staunch supporter for a strong research and innovation component to the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States. Ambassador Muraru is a widely published historian, researcher, and university lecturer familiar with the exigencies publishing in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and so a natural ally in our efforts to promote our scientific diaspora’s role in fostering academic exchange programs and institutional collaborations.

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