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EURAXESS North America

Horizon Europe Work Program for 2023-2024 adopted - first calls for proposals now open



Featured Speaker Opening Plenary Session, Dec. 2nd 2022

A returning speaker in our annual conference, EURAXESS North America Regional Coordinator Jackson Howard, presented the common platform hosted by the European Union’s Delegation in Washington designed to coordinate interaction with the scientific diasporas of all member states. He spoke of the various opportunities listed on the platform dedicated to both US and Canadian-based researchers, especially the grant applications for Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions and other opportunities funded by the European Research Council. This platform dedicated to international research funding at a European level, seeks to facilitate the linking of researchers in North American and Europe by centering on scientific diaspora members as natural stakeholders in the dissemination of funding opportunities and information on research career development through transnational mobility. Our conference was scheduled the day after the Eighth Annual Meeting of the European Scientific Diasporas in North America.

A few days after our conference on December 6th, 2022, the European Commission officially adopted the main Horizon Europe Work Program 2023-24, with a budget of approximately €13.5 billion out of the Horizon Europe total budget of €95.5 billion.The first calls for proposals under the new Work Program are now open and information is available on the EU Funding & Tenders Portal. The Commission is also offering Horizon Europe Information Days targeting potential applicants.

Read more here. You can also see current and forthcoming calls here.

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