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Return to normality? Transnational IT Tribes' Mobility



Opening Plenary Session: June 4th 2021

Representing the STEM and IT council in the opening plenary session of the annual conference, the host invited the Honorary Consul of Romania to San Francisco, Mr. George Roth, a researcher, investor, and entrepreneur vested in the bilateral exchange of IT and AI expertise between Silicon Valley and Romania. Mr. Roth narrowed on the pandemic experience and the envisioned “return to normality” highlighting the lasting impact and stark differences impacting various sectors of the economy and by extension sections of the diaspora population but also highlighting the unprecedented push for solidarity and cohesion in the diaspora at a national level. The increased centrality of our virtual presences allowed a greater awareness about our presence in in American society. He shared insights into dynamics at play within the IT professional “tribes” and the need to balance our focus on promoting education in STEM with that of promoting education in liberal arts and sciences. History and political sciences have shown their importance as rapid social transformations are threatening liberal democratic norms and values. Global companies, including Romanian companies operating trans-nationally must contend with state and local rules and regulations and the know-how needed to address such localized insertion challenges and aggregate ethical perspective requires a diverse highly skilled labor force.

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