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Diaspora Connections

IRF is driven by the conviction that positioning diaspora professionals as central stakeholders in the development of their native countries and in facilitating knowledge transfers remains a largely untapped resource best suited to bridging cultural divides and consolidating ties between native and host societies. Innovation and entrepreneurship based on respect for intellectual property rights are the driving engines of the American economy and a core reason why so many professionals across the world choose the United States to establish startups, rewarding careers and eventually permanent residence. In our pilot interview, we invited Romanian American Dr. Gelu Comanescu, a patents lawyer in Washington, DC who agreed to share with us information covering these topics of vital interest to our scientific diaspora as well as to innovators who seek to protect their inventions. We hope you find this interview useful in guiding your first steps through what may seem like an incomprehensible legal maze. For further information connecting with diaspora professionals, you may contact us at:

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