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Celebrating outstanding Romanian American women in the arts and sciences

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Happy International Women’s Day!

We invite you to a celebration of our outstanding Romanian-American women in arts and sciences, an occasion to highlight and commend the leading ladies of our diaspora for their contributions to our communities and to our host American society. Our annual event on March 8th is an occasion to highlight the most recent work of Romanian-American writers and resident artists, researchers, physicians, medical health professionals, attorneys, community leaders, all accomplished professionals. Here are their stories of resilience and accomplishment, their testimonies and motivational messages.

Featured speakers:

IRF adviser Andrea Deletant; Award winning author and IRF adviser Ioana Ieronim; Speaking on behalf of Blue Heron Foundation’s Mentorship Program Dr. Diana Girnita; IRF board member, historian, theatre artist, and poet Cristina A. Bejan; Novelist, playwright and director Domnica Rădulescu; Poet and translator Roxana L. Cazan; Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans In Minnesota President Eugenia Popa, Cultural Center Director Raluca Octav, Vice-President Dana Voller and Treasurer Monica von Geldern; ARCS-USPTO Vice-President Gabriela C. Craciun; Honorary Consul of Romania to Connecticut Dana Roxana Bucin; Cultural sociologist Sonia Coman-Ernstoff; Poet Mihaela Moscaliuc; poet and editorialist Alina Cumpan; Human rights activist, sociologist, and author Dr. Nina Smart; Physicist, Professor, Science Communicator, Filmmaker and Inclusion Activist Ágnes Mócsy; Roma Peoples Project founder Cristiana Grigore; Playwright, poet, and ARTivist Saviana Stanescu; Writer Dr. Carmen Bugan; Ezra Review Editor Clara Burghelea; Poet Dr.Lucia Cherciu; Poet Anca Mizumschi Simion; Playwright Dr. Catalina Florina Florescu; Clinical Psychotherapist Mihaela Campion; Poet, fiction and play writer Carmen Firan.

Welcoming remarks: Teodor Stan, President and Founder of Immigration Research Forum

Andrea Deletant, IRF Board of Advisers, Former URBED director:

Ioana Ieronim, Award winning author, Washington, DC resident poet and IRF adviser:

Speaking on behalf of IRF advisor Stefania Magidson, the founding president of Blue Heron Foundation in Los Angeles, the following is a Mentorship Program testimonial offered by Diana Girnita MD, PhD.:

Denver, CO resident historian, theatre artist, and poet Cristina A. Bejan, founder of Bucharest Inside the Beltway (BiB), IRF Board of Directors Member:

Novelist, Playwright, Theater Critic and Director Domnica Rădulescu, Distinguished Service Professor of Comparative Literature, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA:

Oklahoma resident poet and translator Roxana L. Cazan, co-editor of Voices on the Move: Writing by and about Refugees (2020)

Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans In Minnesota:

Eugenia Popa – President

Raluca Octav – Cultural Center Director

Dana Voller – Vice President

Monica von Geldern – Treasurer

Gabriela C. Craciun

Management & Program Analyst, ME

Vice-President of ARCS (American Romanian Cultural Society)

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Dana Roxana Bucin

Honorary Consul of Romania to Connecticut

Partner (Immigration Law) Murtha Cullina LLP

Sonia Coman-Ernstoff, PhD.

Cultural sociologist and Washington, DC resident poet

Freer Gallery of Art & Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art

Mihaela Moscaliuc, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Monmouth University

New Jersey resident poet

Alina Cumpan

Chicago resident poet and editorialist

President of Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture

Dr. Nina Smart a.k.a. “Geanina din Bucovina”

Los Angeles/Bucovina

Human rights activist, sociologist, and author

WILD FLOWER - The True Story of a Romanian Girl in Africa

Ágnes Mócsy, PhD

Physicist, Professor, Science Communicator, Filmmaker, Inclusion Activist

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Cristiana Grigore

The Roma Peoples Project at Columbia University, NY

Saviana Stanescu

Playwright, poet, and ARTivist based in New York

Dr. Carmen Bugan

Prize-winning writer based in Long Island, NY

Dr. Lucia Cherciu

Professor at SUNY Dutchess in Poughkeepsie, NY

Clara Burghelea

Garden City, NY resident writer

Review Editor at Ezra, An Online Journal Of Translation

Anca Mizumschi Simion

Phoenix, Arizona resident Romanian author

Dr. Catalina Florina Florescu

New York based play writer

Mihaela Campion

Chicago based MA, LCPC, CCDVC, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

Carmen Firan

New York based Romanian American poet, fiction and play writer

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