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Second Conference of Romanian American Professionals

Held on June 12, 2020 the annual conference organized by the Immigration Research Forum honored the „Immigrant Heritage Month” observed in Washington, DC and joined the celebrations marking 140 years of US-Romanian diplomatic relations, affirming a common vision for the role of the diaspora in underpinning those strong ties.

It brought together established professionals within the diaspora, individuals interested in establishing a knowledge network of peers within several fields, as well as in nurturing mentor relationships that foster the true potential of the best and brightest members of our national community.

The IRF serves as a platform shaping several consultation groups in the following fields: Medicine and Public Health; Legal counseling, Development and Public Policy; STEM and IT; Community civic engagement and Social entrepreneurship; Arts and Culture.

The field specific councils were asked to identify remarkable diaspora public figures to be assumed and positioned as role models as well as to identify expertise and projects of excellence that address the evolving needs of the diaspora.

The recurrent annual conference fosters a wide base of diaspora stakeholders with expertise, a knowledge network that highlights and honors Romanian Americans’ contribution to American society. By bringing together thought leaders with varied expertise in the areas outlined, IRF encourages the cross sharing of approaches, best practices and pertinent information. The goal is to assist the Romanian American diaspora in mapping out the resources needed for successful integration, upward social mobility and positive influence within American society at large.

Welcoming remarks: Teodor Stan, President and Founder of Immigration Research Forum

Formal remarks by the Ambassador of Romania to the United States of America, H.E. Mr. George Cristian Maior on the occasion of 140 years of US-Romanian diplomatic relations.

Farewell Remarks by Professor Dennis Deletant, Ion Ratiu Visiting Professor of Romanian Studies, Georgetown University, Washington DC and Emeritus Professor of Romanian Studies at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College, London;

Immigration Attorney Dana R. Bucin, in her capacity as local community leader, presented on the need for grassroots bipartisan push for immigration reform. She is a Partner and the Chair of the Immigration Group at Murtha Cullina LLP, and was awarded in 2019 as “Attorney of the Year” by the Connecticut Law Tribune. She is also the honorary Romanian consul in Connecticut.

Presentation by Duke University J.A. Jones Distinguished Professor Adrian Bejan;

Presentation by New Orleans LSU Healthcare Network Clinic neurosurgeon Dr. Gabriel C. Tender.

Brief message from NYU Tandon School of Engineering Professor and Chair the Institute of Design & Construction Innovation Hub Michael Horodniceanu;

Brief message from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Senior Research Scientist Adrian Stoica;

Live classical music interlude featuring Romanian American pianist Catalin Dima;

Sample Q&A during panel discussions

Panel Discussion Rapporteur Findings:

I. Arts and culture round-table on promoting Romanian American artists and writers.

II. Arts and culture round-table on culturally contextualized standardized teaching of Romanian language to heritage speakers and Americans.

III. Harnessing the expertise of professionals in international development, finance, public policy, and legal counseling.

IV. Interdisciplinary peer support network in STEM and IT.

V. Interdisciplinary round-table on medicine and public health.

VI. Sustainability and adaptability of the associative ecosystem promoting civic community engagement and social entrepreneurship.

Honoring Romanian American programs of excellence:

Blue Heron Foundation Scholarships and Mentoring program.

Stefania Magidson – President

American Romanian Cultural Society online heritage language courses

Prof. Otilia Baraboi

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans In Minnesota “Documenting Immigration – Oral History Project”

Prof. Eugenia Popa

President HORA

Closing remarks

Concluding piano performance by Romanian American pianist Catalin Dima

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